Vocational Services

CARC Vocational Services offers various work/training options for individuals with various disabilities including: mental retardation, developmentally disabled, learning disabled, physically disabled and mental illness. In addition to vocational training, services may include social and self-enhancement skills.

 CARC's Vocational Services objectives are:

CARC's Vocational Services objectives are:

  • To provide opportunity for and access to extended remunerative employment for individuals whose handicapping condition is a continuing barrier to competitive employment.
  • To provide work adjustment services necessary for successful participation and employment in a work environment.
  • To ensure that program participants have access to and opportunity for participation in his/her least restrictive vocational environment.
  • To provide pre-vocational skills training which may be needed by the individual to enable them to function more independently and to participate to any degree in a remunerate work program.
  • To place eligible individuals in competitive employment.

Each client is placed on a work/training site according to interest and ability. Models of employment/training that are offered are:
  • Mobile work crew
  • Enclave
  • Supported Employment

  • For more information contact Monica Owens at (337) 433-3620 or mowens@.